ADAPT Company help companies with Advanced Data Analysis and Processing Tools, hence the acronym and in interpreting results to aid in generating more business.

Adapt are a small new business started on july, 1st. 2020 working within advanced data analysis and method development

Data are increasing as an commodity and the value as well, especially the validity of the data. The amount of data and multiple parameters give a good foundation the a robust modelling.

High validity data are generated in different ways and a careful planned experimental design will help and at the same time maximise the output and minimise the number of experiments performed.

As an active participant with the customer, ADAPT wishes to develop chemometric models for understanding complex data within the company production.

ADAPT aid to interpret and document models and conclusions and ultimately, create an effeciency benefit and increase revenue.

Targets for ADAPT are primary personal and small medium business with limited or no ressources within chemometric, data processing and development of analytical chemistry projects.