About me

I am passioned about focusing on the scientific achievements and potential, which I believe is a key importance for a great success. I am business oriented with a keen eye for future commercial value and value add, thereby help to build a foundation for future business areas.

I seek to apply a holistic approach to investigate highly complex problems and finding good solutions to a variety of issues and provide a better understanding of underlying phenomenon. I enjoy applying chemometric methods making it possible to contribute with a new knowledge of either biomarkers and reveal unknown mechanisms.

I have a background as Senior Research Scientist within Foods Ingredients industry and am a knowledable chemist within experimental design and modelling, chemistry as in the study of life, advanced analytical methodologies.

My key competences / specialities includes:
    • Data modelling and machine learning
    • Experimental Design
    • Innovation
    • Chromatography
    • Mass Spectrometry 
    • Research
    • Food Chemistry

As a person I am known as curious, innovative and research oriented within both national and international environments.
I have a genuine interest in research and engaging in discussion on setting the research and development direction. 
I am curious to learn in a changing environment, as well as I am willing to share my competencies and experience.

#chemometrics & #machinelearning